Career & Life Pivots

recreate a vision that brings new energy, purpose, and power

Is this you?

We’ve all been there- those transitions which have left us at a crossroad and the fear of the unknown path forward. There’s a lot of noise covering the wisdom that is there. Together, we will recreate a new vision that brings new energy, purpose, and power. 

Common themes: Working Parents, Career Disruptions, Burnout 

Our Journey Together

Change is constant and a part of our own personal evolution. Yet change is oftentimes disruptive as we meet it unprepared or ill-equipped with a way to move forward. Many of us avoid it, feel paralyzed by it or have strong adverse reactions toward how to take action. Together we will hear your story, understand your current reality, and through an empathetic lens craft a new way forward. 

In order to do this, it will take incredible courage to share your story and more importantly- your default behaviors and assumptions or reality that may be holding you back. We will build your resilience and mental toughness to help navigate out of your current challenge, and maneuver into a new possibility. 

Here's what you will gain when working with

Clarity and confidence on your path forward

Release limiting beliefs

Build stronger and deeper personal networks

Discover your inner strength and your inner calling 

Deep understanding of your personal life journey- and how it's created an impact

Redefine your own narrative and create your own 

What’s your coaching style? 

What makes a great coaching relationship?

What’s the difference between executive, leadership and life coaching? 

What are the outcomes of coaching?

Am I ready for coaching? 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

As a professional certified integral coach my focus is working holistically with you based on four areas: self awareness, body/behavior, culture/relationship and your environment. I see and work with you as a whole person rather than someone to be fixed.

Self awareness: understanding your personal experiences and how impactful life events have created stories and narratives you hold to be reality. Many narratives have served you,and some may become self limiting beliefs that may hold you back from transformational change. 
Body/behavior: how are you as a leader embodied? 93% of communication is nonverbal- what are the intentional/unintentional messages you send to others that may cause an adverse perception beyond your intent? How do you respond to your body’s somatic signals? 
Culture/relationship: Up until recently, coaching ignored diversity through social identities. How does our upbringing, messaging from institutions and community influence how we choose to show up? What is our relationship with family, friends, community and ourselves? 
Environment: what are your self care rituals? Relationship with technology, nature, currency and environment? We will learn about your relationship with the environment to facilitate positive change. 
As a partnership, together we will co create our path forward through a collaborative and creative process that inspires and supports you to maximize personal and professional potential. Between our meetings, there will be a process of self-exploration and observation through conversations, positive inquiry, reflection exercises, and pragmatic “practices.” 

The foundation of a coaching relationship is trust and willingness to be real, open and vulnerable as quickly as possible. Imagine the analogy of wearing an attractive blazer or sportcoat. Over the years it makes you stand out and look good. And over time it feels like a coat of armor, because it's used to protect you and prevent others from seeing you as a whole- the good, bad and ugly. It's also used to prevent you from really showing who you are and revealing who you are at that given time. 
I encourage clients to self-authorize and check that blazer/sportcoat at the door when we meet because the more that you can express your true colors- all of it including the good, bad and ugly, the faster we can get to the important issues and get meaningful results. 

While there are notable distinctions of the three, all types address your pivot through purpose, vision, mission, passion, strengths, motivators and work-life integration. 

Executive Coaching is comprehensive and includes several high touch milestones that include behavioral assessments, 360s, leader alignment and milestone check-ins oftentimes focused around performance and results.

Career Coaching is similar to executive coaching and focuses on learning a specific behavior or skill. And breaking through to the next level, becoming aware of our own self limiting beliefs and shattering them so that we can be able to move forward to transformative change.

Life Coaching focuses primarily on seeing you as a whole, identifying the pivot or transition you are in the midst of and helping you gain clarity, conviction and action towards a meaningful and whole life. 

Successful coaching leaves people with the following outcomes:
1. Long-term excellence in whatever area you choose to focus
2. The ability to make effective personal adjustments 
3. Will and skill to initiate and realize personal growth on your own

You’re halfway- you already made it this far! But in seriousness, individuals who are ready are willing to take action, open to designing a new life, ready to take charge and excited to embrace personal transformation. In addition to readiness, are you willing and able? 

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy addresses past events and how those events may be affecting you in the present. Coaching addresses the present and future, and recommends certain actions that enable you to reach your stated goals in your business or personal life. These recommendations are based on the coach’s knowledge, skills and expertise. 

How long is each coaching session?

Each coaching session lasts for 45 minutes.

How often will I meet with my coach?

We will determine a meeting cadence that is optimal with your lifestyle. Contingent on the area identified for coaching, on average clients usually meet once every two weeks for six months and oftentimes choose to extend longer in duration.

What is expected of me?

We will partner with each other in an open, supportive and constructive manner at all times. You are fully responsible for actions made and actions you take. 

Do I need to commit to several coaching sessions?


Yes. Long-term transformative results involve the opportunity to practice and successfully apply newfound insights and skills. As such, the target is for 3-6 month partnerships. The majority of my clients continue through multiple coaching programs.

Do you guarantee results from coaching?


If you are committed to your goals, we can work towards achieving them. You are fully responsible for obtaining your desired results. The coaching process involves a dynamic partnership between the client and coach where a customized development plan is crafted with relevant practices, actionable tools and action planning that contribute the new learning into your life, leading to your results.

Where will I meet my coach?

Right now, all coaching sessions occur through zoom or google hangout

Do you guarantee the privacy of my info?

Absolutely. Privacy is one of many cardinal rules established by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

What is the price of the coaching program?

Please reach out to Minji Wong for pricing.

Her experience across several companies combined with her training enables her to provide unique insights to her clients. She delivers direct and candid feedback constructively and is very effective. 

"Minji's positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious."

-Prak B, Area VP of Sales, High-Tech Strategic Accounts, Salesforce

"I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Minji as my coach earlier this year."

She is insightful, asks provocative questions, and really helps point you in directions and into thinking you likely wouldn't have gotten to on your own.

- Molly S, COO @ Shipt

I worked with Minji for almost a year, and I am more self aware, and goal oriented because of it. I personally valued her coaching and honesty on how to address several blind spots that were limiting my success. Her coaching helped me set clear personal and professional goals, while she also supported me with transparent feedback along the way. 

"If you are looking for coaching to better define, reassess and attain your career and personal goals, Minji is amazing."

- Monica G, VP Product Marketing, Salesforce